21 October 2005

38° 29.84 inHg and steady

It has been a fascinating day. So sayeth Spock.

It was only 25° when I got up.

I woke up much later than usual. Around 6:30. Didn't have to go to work and spent much of the day on the computer: Looking at art, emailing some amazing life stories with a new friend. Did a couple of loads of laundry.

I bought a box of Constant Comment® tea last night. Haven't had it in years. I was tired of yerba maté and decaf coffee. I made cinnamon toast and sipped tea.
(Studies are confirming that as little as ¼ teaspoon a day of cinnamon can bring a drop in glucose and cholesterol levels by as much as 30%. It works by promoting insulin sensitivity, which can help prevent type 2 diabetes.)
This is not why I bought the tea or ate the toast. I just wanted them. I already take the cinnamon every day. Usually in my morning smoothie or whole oats.

I eventually made my way out doors. A gorgeous autumn day. Clear blue skies (finally, but only through tomorrow and then we are expecting to get soaked again). Birds were abundant. My pleasure. I would rather stay home and watch the birds and whatever else might happen in my dooryard and the fields beyond than go just about anywhere. I mean sure, I get out and I get stir crazy (like I did last week, had to take a road trip (which I still haven't posted a thing about).

(My back is killing me! I have a couch and one chair in this house. The chair sucks! I really need to invest in getting a chair that I can be comfortable sitting in. This is plain dumb!)

I looked out the window earlier today and saw a small herd of deer, including the albino that LS told me about. Clear as the proverbial bell. If I was a hunter I could have taken aim and shot it right in its pure white flank. Then the herd moved slowly out from behind the trees. It was no herd of deer at all. It was Mr. Havey in his tractor mowing the fields. I would have either killed him or wrecked his tractor! Either way I suspect he would not have been happy. Although little seems to rattle the man.

Mr. Havey

When I got back from my walk across the fields to talk with him about mowing my field I sat in the sun for awhile. I pulled the chair right over to the bird feeder.

I was holding the camera in my right hand.

Around 5:00 My neighbor PS called to see if I wanted help picking up the hay piled up across the road from some good friends. Several people on the road buy 100 bales or so from a co-op. I use it to bank my house from the c-c-c-old. It takes 27 bales to do the whole house, minus the south facing side. I never need any there.

While I was doing the banking I was temporarily taken down by a huge wave of sorrow. My sweet Toe cat used to love to be with me when I did this job. And when it was done she used the bales as a trail around the house. She would park her little butt on them and soak up the sun.

You can see her doing just that a few days before she died, at the ripe old age of 17. Sweet little Toady.

I gotta get outa this chair. Now.

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