24 November 2011


Giving thanks. Thanks for:
Sun sparkling on snow
skilled veterinarians
a chance to find and connect with someone I thought I'd lost forever
wood fires
stacked wood
a group of friends willing to help me stack wood
the color red
the skill of many people who make my clothes
the skill of all the people who bring food close enough to me so I can eat it
Kate Bush
The Beatles
Earth’s axial tilt

23 November 2011

Free is good, right?

I like to eat raw food as often as possible. It just seems right. I have had a lot of help along the way, learning among many things, ways to avoid the pitfalls when cravings strike.

One of my most recent finds is Raw Foods on a Budget.

I took a substantial pay cut last year and added on a long-ass commute. This makes my funds very tight. In fact, too often my metaphorical toe comes through my metaphorical sock. I spend more than I have. I'm talking about discovering that there is no money to buy fuel and I have to rob my accumulating funds for say, my property taxes. I then hope I can dig out enough in time for paying my property taxes.

So, when I discovered this gem of a site and Brandi Rollins's program, I signed right up. (She gave me a scholarship! I couldn't have afforded it without her generosity and hope one day to pay it forward.)

Check it out. Brandi Rollins is the real deal!