24 May 2006

Dear deer

I just (5:37 am) sat down at my desk and thought “I haven’t seen a deer pass through my yard in a long time” (since April 2005). I looked out the window across the bird- feeding station, out towards the apple trees and there appearing as if from a mist, was a large deer.

Thank you.

09 May 2006

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I just called the National Weather Service on the secret telephone number I was given upon completing the Weather Spotter training. They are going to call the Forest Service. I also alerted my local 911.

The sky is filled with smoke to the point that I find it an irritant to comfortable breathing.

Listening in on my neighbor’s scanner we hear: there is “an unattended controlled fire” in Eastbrook. They also called it an ”out of control brush fire.”

What the heck is “an unattended controlled fire”?

Anyway. Seems I may have saved the day.

07 May 2006

Humming dinger of a day

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are back. I dashed this little sketch off as I was listening to one zoom back and forth in its arc flight. It’s a territorial/courtship display. Very fun to watch.

Also, while at the computer making the sketch, a man I see, maybe, once a year called me. On the telephone. He called me! And, I love this, he called to ask how high the new flycatcher nest box he got should be mounted! (10-15 feet). That’s it. We didn’t chat or make small talk. He asked, I answered, he thanked me. We hung up. He called back to ask if he could use straw in place of the inch or so of wood shavings I suggested he add to the bottom of the box. I encouraged the use of shavings to avoid the mold or mildew that straw might be prone to developing. He said “yep, OK,” thanked me again and we hung up. This was the highlight of my day. A sweet, pleasant, little gift of being able to give to someone who remembered me for who I am. Thanks. Really.

Close Encounter of the Bird Kind

Early yesterday morning I saw a cat in the woods and thought it might have been a neighbor’s cat who had long ago gone missing, or another cat she might have gotten. I called her and she came up as soon as she was able to pull on her ole Bean boots (the real deal here, folks).

As we walked out into my yard to try to find the cat, a chickadee landed on my head and then slid down my hair trying to pull one out.

My neighbor ran in and grabbed my camera.

The cat turned out not to be hers. But we now know that there is a feral, long-haired, Maine Coon cat out there somewhere.

And a tame, wild Black-capped chickadee.