15 March 2007

“It wasn’t an alligator. It was a dog.”

On the ride back from our fair state’s capital (after attending a press conference about domestic violence legislation in which our Senate President mentioned the stat that 1 in 4 women is assaulted by an intimate partner and that if 1 in 4 cars were stolen martial law would be imposed) we got talking.

Talking ’bout all manner of things: seizure inducing lights on school buses; the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar; John Wesley; Brutus vs. Bluto; what might happen if cases of Kotex™ and Tampax™ were air dropped and landed in our rivers and streams; and the topic that almost got us killed by yours truly unable to see for the tears in my eyes and the the paroxysms of painful laughter afflicting me: my dashboard ornament and how it reminded my friend of, well, it's hard to explain but it left us with an idea. Below is a work in progress:

10 March 2007

snot what you think

I went to sleep early, warm and toasty.

I woke up sick.

I am snotty and stuffed and it feels like gobs of green and yellow goo are swirling and sinking into my lungs.

I would really like a wife or a mother to come and cook me a nice breakfast, bring me tea, fluff my pillow, haul wood in and make a nice fire, kiss my forehead.

Instead I will crap in a bucket, wipe my hands with baby wipes (of which I am running perilously low) fix a cup of tea, have toast w/peanut butter, drag my pathetic ass up off the couch and bring in a few sticks of wood.

04 March 2007

Lisa Vollrath gives it away...

Lisa is one of the internet's most generous artists. She routinely posts free clipart, tips, discounted products and more on her sites.

Beginning March 6th she is offering a countdown to St. Patrick's Day that reveals "a new paper crafting surprise" each day. Check it out yourself: Lisa's St. Patrick's Day Countdown.

Patrick must have suffered greatly being captured and taken from his family as a young man and made a slave. After escaping his captors six years later, he returned to Ireland to fulfill direction he heard in his prayers from God to bring Christianity to Ireland. He no doubt met with resistance from Druid Priests. As any a wise missionary will do, Patrick used many of the practices of the time and incorporated them in the religious Christian practices he was bringing to the natives of Ireland at the time. The most recognizable of these being the Sun symbol he took from Druid practice and placed at the center of the Christian cross...

and the shamrock he used to "prove" the trinity.

If you think bringing Christianity to Ireland by an Englishman was a good thing, you will give thanks to Patrick.

If you thing bringing free stuff to you by an artist is a good thing, you will give thanks to Lisa!