15 October 2006


What is going on!? Two veterinarians told me weeks ago this cat was pregnant. Both telling me she was 5-7 weeks along in the pregnancy. I swear I felt kittens myself. Her abdomen is football shaped, but at times she barely looks pregnant at all.

Since Friday she has been yowling, rolling and pacing. Since Saturday she has been treading with her back legs, arching her back exposing her vulva. Looks and sounds like heat to me!

She is obsessed with catnip.

Saturday, two different vets told me it sounded like inexperienced, early labor.

No bloody discharge? No. No fould smell? No. Eating? Yes.

She is eating as usual, drinking more than usual and using the litter box constantly with little result. She licks her vulva. She is restless but not seeking nest sites. She has taken an interest in the outdoors for the first time since she came in my house.

What is going on!? Is she pregnant or in heat?

The anti-anticipation is a bear! The anticipation is also.

She is sleeping peacefully at the moment. I am not.

01 October 2006

Pregnant cat breaks sound barrier!

This morning my friend PS and I built a catwalk.

Slim has not stopped running upthepoleacrosstheplankdownontothewindowsilloverthe couchontotheflooracrossthefloorandupthepole since it went up!

She hurls herself with such fervor I am almost afraid she is going to fling herself right off into space! She just keeps going around and around, snorts and occassionally, collapses on the floor, snorts again, rests for 5 seconds and starts it all over again.

Oh, I wish I had thought of this years ago for Toe!

Here then, for your viewing pleasure:
(remember, you can click on an image to see a large version)

If you have a cat, go out and do this now! At least the post; wrap it with sisal rope or a sisal runner. I will soon be replacing the runner (given to me by wonderful Linnette) with sisal rope. 3/8 inch. I think any cat would appreciate it!