24 October 2005

Behind the wheel

“The woods road.”

A blueberry factory building. Blue is a popular color for the industry in this neck of the woods.

This is just plain frightening.

I took these while driving to work this morning. My eyes never left the road. I place the camera on top of the wheel or on the window ledge and press the shutter release.

If anyone else in the whole wide world did this while driving I would be burned up about it. I am the exception.

I’m listening to Leo Kottke “Wheels” from: Chewing Pine

1 comment:

Lee Hartsfeld said...

The saucers have landed!!!

"There are aliens in our mist!"--Guy #1.

"Don't you mean 'midst'?"--Guy #2.

"No, this is London, and it's foggy. I mean 'mist.'"--Guy #1.