09 October 2005


It is pouring!

Flood warnings are out across the county. I totally dig it. Not the flooding, the rain. If it was warmer out I'd be in it. The tree tops are swaying and what was beginning as pretty good autumnal color has been blown away. Still OK with me. I love the drama of the undulating tree limbs.

I am a National Weather Service weather spotter. This means I have a secret number to the NWS and can call them 24/7 to tell them amout localized weather conditions. They already know it's raining. I didn't tell them that. I did tell them the stream behind the house is flooded over its banks and that we have had 6.73 inches of rain since it began on Friday.

This is what Alberta, mother of Jane, would call a toadie strangler! Indeed.

I'm listening to: Why Is It Raining Raindrops? from Ballads for the Age of Science: Experiment Songs sung by Dorothy Collins


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Is it raining?

Cool new blog! I predict that Madeline Oore will go far in her blogging career.

I like rain, too, in the staying-inside-and-listening-to-it sense. Swaying trees are cool, too, though last winter we had a huge maple tree that swayed too far in a frozen state and expired across our driveway.

It would have been about 101 today, but only the trunk remains.

Nice, arty photo!


CrimsonCrow said...

How nice to have the first comment on my blog posted by you!