11 December 2005

More Four

I woke up at 4:00 am this morning to the familiar sound of a deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus) running about. I perched on one elbow and in the red glow of my flashlight (I have the lenses covered with red lighting gel to preserve my night vision) watched as one ran across my pillow and startled as it saw me. It lept from the bed and disappeared under my dresser only to reappear moments later, hopping down the stairs like a tiny puppy: plop, plop, plop.

These little critters always enter the house as winter comes on. Winter is coming on.

Some photos of “4” I found around the house:

This is the image I saw when I looked out my window at 4:00 am:

It is still so dark out that only a reflection was visible on the window glass. That’s a cup of Sharpie Fine Point markers that lives on the window sill near my desk, in the foreground.

I’m in my Isaac Mizrahi look. Actually, I was wearing a bandana like this long before he was born but Isaac stole my bandana thunder.

I'm listening to Jack Carson "Willie and Hannibal in Mouseland: Side 1" from: Willie and Hannibal in Mouseland


gb herron said...

I love the pictures of the four. And the four a.m. Crows make art this way.

More four please. And more more.

CrimsonCrow said...

really? this is art!?

How cool!

I keep thinking i want to paint my bedroom orange! Me! Orange!

What does that mean!?

gb herron said...

Yes. Art. Fnding it is as easy as four. Doing it is as easy as four plus four plus four plus four plus four.
My dear partner took 23,000 pictures so far this year. That's 5730 times four. You could make four your life for awhile. Lists and pictures and? What's in it for you? Find out.


it means you want to paint your bedroom orange!