01 December 2005

Uses for a pencil

I decided to try to come up with as many as I can. I invite you to help me out...
  1. drawing
  2. sketching
  3. writing
  4. erasing
  5. tracing
  6. graphite transfer
  7. clean ears
  8. laundry line (little laundry)
  9. chop stick
  10. worm grave marker
  11. kindling
  12. sliced: coaster
  13. drink stirrer
  14. barette
  15. to chew on
  16. hole punch
  17. cuticle stick
  18. lubricant (the graphite)
  19. fix a hole in a dike
  20. English muffin opener
  21. earrings
  22. plant stake
  23. shoe scraper
  24. glove finger poker-outer
  25. button pusher
  26. puppet
  27. roller
  28. backscratcher
  29. window tapper
  30. bookmark
  31. your answer here

For a friend who, everyday, inspires me to create, even when I don’t do so.


gb herron said...

Have you ever tried synchronized pencils?
As in you have a special one and I have a special one and we keep them tuned like two guitars playing together. We have to call each other up when it's time to sharpen them. And measure the nub each day. Or, we just leave it all to chance and measure them once a year or so when we get together. That way it becomes a mystical reflection of our unquestioned, lifelong attunment. Our pencils become the lightning rods of mutual inspiration and love. When yours quivers, you'll know I'm creating, or thinking of you (and in some sense the two are the same), and vice versa. In one instance I heard about, a pair of very special pencils started sprouting rosemary leaves. Amazing!
Thanks, Crow.

CrimsonCrow said...

I have always wanted to do something with real committment. I never seem to have the follow through.

Although, as soon as I write that I realized that almost every day I write in my GMS calendar and have since 1994.

Have you ever seen the movie Smoke?

Harvey Keitel’s character Auggie, has a project that has consumed him for the last eleven years: every morning at the same hour, from the same location, he takes a single B&W photo with his 35mm camera.

I have my pencil ready to go: a #2 Dixon ORIOLE 287.

I made a red line with a Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker all the way around the silver band below the eraser) to set it apart from the rest of the #2 Dixon ORIOLE 287s I have floating around the house. (I have 2 boxes of them.)

It is currently unsharpened and will remain so until we synchronize...

gb herron said...

You could send me one of your pencils, with a silver band, like a, well, like a ring. Of engagement in synchronization. With a red loop around it to disinguish it from all the uncommited pencils.

I think I might have mentioned once before: I think there is art in that gms calendar and you wouldn't have to look far. Certainly YOU are in it.

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what the hell??