21 January 2006

I'm all wet or the rain in Maine stays, mainly.


I took a walk today looking for deer antlers. Never found any. But, the sun came out, I lay down against a spruce and I did have a squirrel sit on my foot.

Came home and took a long bath, and a watery nap. The first in months. The long part. What with hot flashes I haven't been able to enjoy a long bath for a long time. Being able to enjoy and relax into a hot tub of water was a treat I’ve missed.

Thanks be to you, oh, bath water goddess and hot flash queen.


gb herron said...

Did you paint while in the tub?

Very charming.

CrimsonCrow said...

Yes, I painted while in the tub. And by candle light. And without my glasses. And while listening to Satori’s Healing Sounds of Tibet.