02 March 2006


Artist’s Trading Cards are small, 2.5 x 3.5 inch, works of art that are made and, most importantly, freely traded.

I made this one, at work, in a few minutes. I used a discarded file folder for the stock, the floppy part of an old floppy disk, a part of a page from an outdated phone book, staples, paper clips and envelope sealer as glue.

It is, simply, Office

(There is a bit of scanner glare at the bottom of the floppy; it being shiny material.)


Suzanne said...

Very Cool!! I like it a lot!!

CrimsonCrow said...

Thanks, suzanne! It's my first!

I like the art form. I like the idea of having some guidleines for the creation process. I find it a bit less intimidating than do anything.