13 April 2006


I am listening to “Forgiveness” by Ferron. It is a guitar piece from a 1992 album: Resting with the Question. Tonight, it is moving me deeply. I am not aware of the need to forgive but perhaps there is something there...

In 1992, in my computer journal I made three notes:
  1. June 29: Saw a coyote @ Paino’s
  2. May 17: Barb & Robin’s wedding
  3. November 11: Toe weighs 9lbs 12 oz.
The Painos live in Concord, Massachusetts. I was visiting and was one among a group of many. I got up and was standing in their kitchen. I gazed out the window and saw a large coyote trotting along the edge of the field out back.

Barb is a dear friend, who I have not seen in far too many years. No one is more deserving than her to have found a loving mate. Thank you Robin, for loving my friend.

Toe was my beloved pussy cat.

8:52 pm: It has just begun to rain. I suspect that the spring peepers will respond to that with their lively peeping and barking.

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