02 April 2006

Secret gluebook entries

It has been awhile since I've “blogged” and since I’ve done any play/work in my gluebook. And I have been wanting to do both. The weather and my mood and my energy level finally all came together.

I stole two magazines on Friday from the gym. People drop off old magazines for folks to read while treading on the mill or pedaling on the bikes. I say “stole” but they are really there for the taking. So I took.

The magazine subscriptions I have are to National Wildlife [a lifetime subscription], New England Journey [a publication of AAA] and Natural New England [the subscription to which a friend has given me for several years]. They are all great magazines but don't tend to have showy blocks of print or full page photo spreads that lend themselves to background mood or other images I have been seeking.

Here, then are two entries. The first was done last night.

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Both entries were done using the magazine W. I had never heard of this magazine before. Where, oh where have I been? I suspect “W” stands for “W”oman rather than “W”alker.

The spread was made using 5 separate pieces. The right page is from three separate torn magazine pages. The white pieces are from different pages and are slightly different colors. The left page is a whole block of heavy, shiny silver-grey. And of course the text “Evening.”

I bet most folks rarely think of what that means when we say it in the context of time of day. I try to. Think of what it means, I mean.

Here is the next page in my gluebook...

There are certain life-altering secret links to the past.”

This one was more complicated to do. I wondered as I made it if others who do this get as messy and glue-y as I do. I haven't figured out a graceful solution to gluing. I make a mess!

The idea of the page relates to something that has cycled up again in my emotional world.

[I was listening to "Love’s Secret" by Michael Whalen while I was writing this.]
Click the link to listen to an excerpt or buy this tune...

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