10 July 2006

some things I did today

I drove 100 miles to give a presentation to 7 cosmetologists, aka: “hair care workers.”

I watched the episode The Brave and The Backache of The Dick Van Dyke Show and marveled at what a physical comedic genius Dick Van Dyke is (was).

I found this under my bird feeder:

And I found these all over my yard:


patrick said...

the wonders of the backyard.

sunday i found a cat playing with a snake it had killed. yesterday early evening a hummingbird flew up to me, inches from my nose, and hovered there for a few seconds while we looked each other in the eye.


CrimsonCrow said...

Just how red is your nose?

(I know, the miracle of the backyard. Hmm. A good idea/name for a book/art piece/something.)

What kind of hummers do you get out there? We only get Ruby-throated, unless it is a reall rarity...

patrick said...

oin colorado, at higher altitudes, you see broad-tailed, black-chinned and calliope hummingbirds. where i am...mostly rufous. is that the same as ruby-throated? but the big question is...how do you keep ants out of the hummingbird feeder? someone told me to grease the line, but it didn't work.

CrimsonCrow said...

Rufous and Ruby-throated are not the same. I think one of my neighbors has gotten a rufous once or twice in the 30 years she has lived here.

I'll email you the ant solution...