14 July 2006


It is 9:35 PM. It is also 84 freekin’ degrees in the house.

I am cranky.

Tough shit.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Good grief--how about a window A/C or something? I couldn't stand that.

I feel for you. Meanwhile, we're facing a week's worth of 90-plus-degree days. Yikes.


snuge said...

you even have shade trees and insulation, you should try a double wide sometime. :-)

With much maintenance of curtains, fans, blinds, we were able to keep the inside a degree or two cooler than the outside today - you know, 89 instead of 90. :-)
Cats spent the daty lolling on the grass in the shade - maybe they know something we don't?

Went grocery shopping late friday night, took our time int eh big store - AC - I recommend it. :-)

CrimsonCrow said...

Thank you all for your sympathy.

I am too cranky to care.

snuge said...

Go swimming. The cool lasts for hours.

Gwen said...

Well Put Boots! My sentiments exactly as sweat runs down me!