27 August 2006

Cat! Cluck! Cat!

Pheasant in upper left of photo

I was sitting at my desk, which looks out into the fields to the west of my house. I heard a “Cluck. Cluck. Cluck.” Its tone sounded like the pheasant but I am used to hearing him crow not cluck.

He was just standing, long-necked in the middle of the mowed area under my hanging feeder. Something was different.

I went at once to the screened in porch and saw Slim, for the first time, relaxed and taking an interest in being on the porch. It explained the pheasant’s long-necked stance and his clucking, immediately!

The pheasant clucking and standing there sure explained her interest.


leslie joan linder said...

Whadda Baby! I know it's partly the way she is sitting, but she already looks a tiny little bit plumper. :) LL

gb herron said...

She looks great! Yes, plumping up nicely. A fresh peach.

(I've been away.)

Gwen said...

Slim is such a cutie!


zoë said...

i hope slim let you witness her own cluck.

i love nothing more than the noise a cat makes watching birds..