10 September 2006


Red Stone Redemption
22" x 4"

Items used: wooden box from a yard sale, brass point from some sort of antique tool, glass creamer bottle, red glass marble, quartz crystal, American white pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) skull found in the 1970s in Florida, scrap metal found in an old farm dump, metal spring from a 1950s room thermometer and copper tacks.

Detail of Red Stone Redemption showing brass point, red marble in cream bottle and white quartz crystal.


patrick said...

very fine. i like the way the point sits. i'm dying to get my studio built so i can get back to assembling.

leslie joan linder said...

AWESOME! - you and the art. :)

gb herron said...

Yes, Crow, very fine. Mysterious. It looks like it could accomplish some real magic.