30 September 2006

If you build it, (t)he(y) will come.

I am going to build a catwalk. Guess for whom.

Today I bought a 4x4 x 8' cedar post and a 2x6 x 10' spruce plank. I am anchoring the post to the floor with deck mounts and the plank to the post and wall with 90° angle brackets. I was unable to find sisal rope but I plan to wrap the post with it. I might paint the bottom and sides of the plank with bright red paint.

I might just take a nap and and sack the whole project. At least for today.

I have been invited to go up the road about 3:00 to an apple pressing gathering. I will go in spite of my lack of energy.


snuge said...

I can picture you know who having a blast on this,I hope you get it built this weekend!

CrimsonCrow said...

Well, as you see in my next post, I did get it built! Slim loves this! Oh, my gosh!