15 October 2006


What is going on!? Two veterinarians told me weeks ago this cat was pregnant. Both telling me she was 5-7 weeks along in the pregnancy. I swear I felt kittens myself. Her abdomen is football shaped, but at times she barely looks pregnant at all.

Since Friday she has been yowling, rolling and pacing. Since Saturday she has been treading with her back legs, arching her back exposing her vulva. Looks and sounds like heat to me!

She is obsessed with catnip.

Saturday, two different vets told me it sounded like inexperienced, early labor.

No bloody discharge? No. No fould smell? No. Eating? Yes.

She is eating as usual, drinking more than usual and using the litter box constantly with little result. She licks her vulva. She is restless but not seeking nest sites. She has taken an interest in the outdoors for the first time since she came in my house.

What is going on!? Is she pregnant or in heat?

The anti-anticipation is a bear! The anticipation is also.

She is sleeping peacefully at the moment. I am not.


snuge said...

She had better be poregnant after all the angst!!!!! If she isn't, and she is in heat, then let her out so that this was not all in vain. :-)

Kidding, kidding.

I think you are going to have kittens. Soon. I hope you only have 2. 1 for a friend and 1 for you.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Sounds like heat.

Which, as you've noted, means that little Slims aren't on the way. Yet, anyway.

Slim probably enjoys confusing you like this. It's a cat's job, after all. Confuse-a-Human, they call the program. (<:

She calls in to headquarters once in a while to give a progress report.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Oh, and I assume "Sex/Kittens" was intentional word play?


But no picture of Mamie van Doren, the iconic B-movie sex kitten?

(I don't really talk like that, but I've always wanted to type "iconic B-movie sex kitten.")


Gwen said...

Sounds like heat to me. Hopefully she is pregnant, but don't count your kittens yet. LOL!