19 February 2007


My friend and colleague LJL took me to a Greyhound Meet ’n’ Greet a while back.

I had the pleasure of going with her and her mother while they picked a dog several months ago. Star was the first one they brought out. A fairly young adoptee, by greyhound racing dog retiree standards. She wasn't a good race dog. To her advantage, because now she gets to live in a home and sleep on a couch instead of living crammed into a crate most of the time. Thank dog.

Here she is along with a few other shots.


leslie joan linder said...

awww, my baby! we were all really glad you could come along, that day.

ps: the ones in the gorgeous black and white shot you have are Simon (white) and Sarah (brindle) :) leslie

Gwen said...

Aww, Starrie is so photogenic!! She is such a cutie!! They are all so beautiful!