07 April 2007

How I spent my 53rd birthday

I woke up. I don't remember when. Later than when I go to work. I didn't go to work. We get our birthdays off.

I tagged a lot of my mp3 collection. I cleaned up a lot of my hard drive. I stayed in bed a lot of the day. Weeeee! (Is she being sarcastic?)

The first call of the day was from C.M-G. who, when I answered, put the phone down with a thud and immediately started playing Happy Birthday on the piano in the halting and embellished sweet way that she does.

I got an invite from F.S. & P.S. to do my laundry in their new washing machine. (Remember, I have no use of my drains right now, hence no practical use of water either.)

F.S. gave me a pack of 6 chocolate Klondike bars and a quart of Rich Chocolate ice cream. P.S. and I ate 3 bars each. F.S. abstained as she is observing Lent. She gave up ice cream.

P.S. gave me a tiny stuffed bear. He did not shoot it. It lived near his computer and once, while helping him with something, I commented on it. I found it in my shoe when I went to leave.

I received an amazingly fitting, and hysterically terrifying story about work, entitled Her Goal was Survival from colleague and friend L.J.L.

Without intending to hurt anyone, I am compelled to say, the story was my favorite gift. I laughed so hard I ached.

I got a few emails, including one from my big sister. I got a phone call from my middle sister and several phone messages from friends. I received a few cards I still haven't opened. I don't know why. Mail has become something I toss aside. Sometimes with expensive consequences.

I spread seed on the snow covered roof of my tiny back porch. My bedroom window looks right over it. The seed attracted all kinds of early spring sparrows, finches and juncos. I took pictures of them.

Now, I have no batteries for my camera. My rechargeables don't hold a charge any more.

I’m sure there was more but darned if I can recall. Short term memory loss can be a drag.

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Lee Hartsfeld said...

I was going to say something about short term memory loss, but (of course) I can't remember what it was.

(Tin cans crashing)


I'll be having my 50th next month. Yee-ha.

Notice the absence of an exclamation mark, there.

As we get older, we become less young.