11 June 2007

She's gone?

My friend/mentor/mother-figure/big sister/teacher died on June 1st. Putting it here makes it painfully real. I get waves of sorrow and grief. Unbidden.

I can't call D to tell her something monumental happened. Her being gone is the monumental thing that has happened.

She died on her husband's 77th birthday. Her last words were “happy birthday.”

She was 70.

I wish now I had saved her last phone message to me. But I erased it knowing I would talk to her again.

I don't know, I just...


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Terribly sorry to hear about this. Hope to see you back at the blog. Your fans want you back!

I lost my mother recently, and we've had illness in the family, on top of that. It takes a tough hide to get through this life, sometimes. Maybe all the time.

Hope you're doing better. (<:


alex said...

That is absolutely heartbreaking my friend... I lost my mother suddenly on March 14th 2005, and the pain remains with me too this day.
All I can say in condolence is that if we hold close the fond memories, they live forever within our hearts and that is something neither time or they're passing can ever take away.

All my very best

JP said...

Now that six months have passed, would you be willing to post a tribute blog to her--maybe a photo and a few pithy anecdotes that speak and spell her?

Thank you,