21 May 2009


I am on vacation. Yea!

I was supposed to go to Provincetown. Yea!

I wasn't able to go. Boo.

Still, I'm having a pleasant time. I am enjoying my home as it was intended. Nature. Views. Sounds. Breezes. Lovely.

I have had energy. Something lacking for a long time. I have been doing projects I've been wanting to do for a long time.

Here is my favorite project so far:
For years I have been frustrated with the one bar towel rack I've had. I've always felt it an imposition to have to fold towels to hang them on a towel rack. I did it because it was "what one did." Well, it takes too much time for something so unimportant.

I realized recently that I don't like to use rods (and hangers) for hanging things. Not for my coats, not for my towels!

I replaced the closet rod for my coats and jackets with this:
A beautiful hook system. Now my stuff is almost always hung up instead of tossed on the couch or table. Same idea with the towels. Of course I never used hangers for the towels but it was the folding thing that I never did.

I love this new system! I love how it looks. I love that I made it. I love that it is far easier for me to use.

Why the heck not be as comfortable as one can be in one's own house?


Grace@PoeticHome said...

What a clever way to hold towels and coats!!

CrimsonCrow said...

Thanks Grace@PoeticHome! I got the idea for the shoe stretchers as hooks from someone else, somewhere, but haven't been able to re-locate the photo. Although I try, I look at so many sites, it's hard to keep track. I will post the link if/when I find it.

The coat hook rack is a Flip Hook from Umbra.