23 November 2011

Free is good, right?

I like to eat raw food as often as possible. It just seems right. I have had a lot of help along the way, learning among many things, ways to avoid the pitfalls when cravings strike.

One of my most recent finds is Raw Foods on a Budget.

I took a substantial pay cut last year and added on a long-ass commute. This makes my funds very tight. In fact, too often my metaphorical toe comes through my metaphorical sock. I spend more than I have. I'm talking about discovering that there is no money to buy fuel and I have to rob my accumulating funds for say, my property taxes. I then hope I can dig out enough in time for paying my property taxes.

So, when I discovered this gem of a site and Brandi Rollins's program, I signed right up. (She gave me a scholarship! I couldn't have afforded it without her generosity and hope one day to pay it forward.)

Check it out. Brandi Rollins is the real deal!

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