10 October 2005


Tonight...Rain this evening...Then rain likely after midnight. Chance of rain 90 percent. Wow!

On the drive to MH's house I passed over or along several rivers and streams. They were positively boiling! Quite lovely and amazing. I wished I had grabbed my camera before I left so I could have taken a few shots.

I keep trying to remember that when I leave the house, no matter where I might be going, I should grab a "leaving the house" kit of sorts. GPS, camera, binoculars, snacks. But I never remember and then I always wish I had at least one of those items.

MH gave me a gift from her trip to Ireland. She asked what I wanted and I got just that: a newspaper and some stamps. For my collages. Next time I'll ask for a magazine not a newspaper. Newspapers rot too fast.

Oh, for the hordes of you tracking this blog, have a look once in awhile over at Maine Nature News. I am a regular contributor there.

I'm listening to More by Arthur Lyman from Polynesia

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