11 October 2005

maze of the morning

I woke up at 4:00. I love the quiet. I just wish I had echolocation abilities like a bat. I don't like turning on all the lights this time of day. I'd rather let my eyes adjust. I like to watch the light rise on its own without the harshness of electricity. But I am too apt to bump into things in the house. So, on the lights go.

I am enjoying a warm cup of yerba maté (Ilex Paraguariensis). The word "maté" derives from the quichua word "matí" which I understand to mean a glass or cup but has come to name the gourd (Lagenaria vulgaris) from which the drink is traditionally slurped. I want to get one and also the bombilla used for slurping. Every time I think of it I talk myself out of spending the bucks as I have a cupboard full of, well, cups. And I have two good lips that slurp from said cups just fine. (I ought to write about slurping vs. lapping sometime. Think giraffe and wolf.)

I find great appeal in the whole idea of the ritualized process. The paraphernalia to go with it probably reminds me of my twenty's when I was using other sorts of paraphernalia.

Great word. I have to go look it up...great word, not so great sexist culture from whence it came! Paraphernalia (para: beyond; pherne: dowry) is that stuff I would have been allowed by law to call my own after being married off to a husband. All the property I came to the marriage with was vested in him. The paraphernalia are the tidbits I get to call my own. Thank you very much.

I may just have to get that maté and bombilla just to assert my right to self determination!

Life is so daedal. No?

As I sit here typing I can hear a rodent chewing or digging away inside the casing to my door. Jeez. They must have all gone "up" to get out of the standing water everywhere.

I have finished my beverage and can now see past what a half hour ago was reflective black glass, out into the field as the sun rises (even if it is not visible due to the heavy cloud cover). Time to sign off.

The image is the collage I made this weekend.

Holy moly! Just this second: 6:43 am I heard two shots. I forgot it was opening day of hunting season. Dangnabbit! Two more shots.

Back to the image. It is the first collage I made purely digitally. It is called "Yen"

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Lee Hartsfeld said...

So, you have a yen for collages. (Get it? Yen!!) Nice work.

I envy morning people. I'm the type of person who still feels groggy at 10 am. And as far as life being daedal, that's dangerous talk. The rich deserve everything, the poor deserve nothing, and all contracts should go to Halliburton. And we've got to fight the terr'ists. See? Life is actually very simple.

Wow--a site called Halliburton Watch "covers the corporation's practices including cronyism and corruption." I wonder if those two things are part of H.'s mission statement?

Cronyism and corruption--two traditional business values. We need more of those.