18 November 2005

Channeling Lisa Vollrath

Am I channeling Lisa Vollrath or is she channeling me?

This morning, at 10:14 to be exact, I began a 10 minute “morning pages” entry in my journal.

I didn’t really have a clue about how to begin. I looked around my desk space (I don’t have a studio, I live in a one room house. OK. One and a half.) and noticed the new, unused rubber stamps I had recently purchased. The Celtic knot circle appealed to me so, I grabbed it, inked it up, and smacked the pages with it, 3 times.

I stared at those 3 circles and white pages, then I glanced out my window to watch the Evening Grosbeaks (Hesperiphona vespertina: from my 1980 edition of A Field Guide to the Birds of North America or Coccothraustes vespertinus: from the American Ornithologist’s Union 1998) at my bird feeder. I picked up yellow ink which I daubed into the center of the circles. And so began...

The whole piece is a 10 minute sketch (I’m even a bit reluctant to post it because it is a sketch and not a finished piece); a quick free-flow without thinking or re-working, based on Natalie Goldberg’s/Julia Cameron’s “morning pages” idea for writers.

At 12:34 my email client received Lisa’s email.

This week's “Art Attack” prompt: Circles.



Lee Hartsfeld said...

"You are traveling to another dimension--a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind."--Rod Serling.


CrimsonCrow said...

My concern is that I was given a one-way ticket!

gb herron said...


You may have a one-way ticket, but it's a circle.

Teacher says it's one of the big questions:
what circles do you travel in?

Lisa Vollrath said...

For the record, you're channeling me---when I came up with the concept of The Weekly Art Attack, the first thing I did was lay out a year's worth of prompts, just to make sure I could come up with a steady supply.

Now, stop reading over my shoulder!

CrimsonCrow said...


thanks so much for dropping by!

I'm so glad to finally have the "is she" or "is me" channeling question cleared up!

My recent creativity spurts are inspired and encouraged by you and a dear friend who, also is an artist. She has been encouraging me for a year now. We check in at regular intervals. A huge help! As is everything you do and offer and share and sell and give away!

So, in some ways I am new to all this "aht" stuff and in others it is old and strong and real in me.

Thanks, again!

PS The "fours" freaked me out too, because, (I swear), I did the Led Zeppelin Four Sticks post and then got into exploring "4." The next day I dropped by your blog and saw you put up a whole list of "4" stuff. Yours had gone up before mine but I didn't know that until I was already doing my own "4" exploring.

So, once again, I am channeling you!

(the "what kind of flower" entry idea I did get from seeing your blog)