19 November 2005

Who is doing this?

I don’t think I have this consistently done creative stuff every day for this long. (What a sentence!) It’s probably not true. However, I feel like a feather on the wind. Just floating effortlessly, doing this stuff. Having a good time. Not watching television.

I painted the color blocks last night before I went to bed. Waiting long enough for the paint to dry is something I have rarely been able to do. My Aries nature kicks in and I get impatient. I want to see “it” done and I muck it up in the process. This time I am in the process and the process includes waiting to allow something to dry.

Veddy interestink.

Here, then , in my journal entry for today...

BTW: Click on any image to see a larger version.

Materials used: Cheap-o (not a brand, just cheap, crap) craft paints. Graphite pencil. 2 rubber stamps: “shadow” or block stamp and feather stamp. Lettuce Adirondack ink and Sea Grass Sea Shells ink by Ranger. A text snip from a magazine. Brown Sharpie marker. On black journal paper.


gb herron said...

Yes, who IS doing this? A fabulous question. Happy to learn that you are floating on the wind with this, Crow. I'm so excited as I watch you discover/experience your process. One's work leads to one's work. In art we trust.

CrimsonCrow said...

hey gb!

Thanks for dropping by. Knowing someone is looking makes so much difference, you know?

I also did a piece on a business sized manila envelope but it is too large to scan the whole thing so I can't post it. (Maybe I'll try joining the pieces together in a graphics program. Too bad I don't have PhotoShop!)

Specific comments and suggestions on art/words always welcome!

gb herron said...

Can't you photograph it?

CrimsonCrow said...