20 November 2005

Tag, you’re it.

My psoas muscle is really acting up (see entry P&P). So, I decided to make small stuff that only keeps me sitting for brief periods of time. Then I get up and pace the house or walk out to the woods. Or I stretch out on the couch and nap.

Here, then, are 3 of the 7 tags I made today.

“Creamed,” “Ordinary Woman,” and “5B”

The first one I made was “5B”. Then I made “Creamed.” And then “Ordinary Woman.” Each tag is 4 and 3/4" long x 2 and 3/8" wide.

The photo is of Barbara Armonas, who by the way, was far from ordinary. Unless you consider surviving 8 years in Gulag in Siberia ordinary. “I am a very ordinary woman from an ordinary family.” are the opening words of a piece she wrote for a 1961 article in LIFE magazine.

Music of the day: Rapoon. “The Kirghiz Light” and “What do You Suppose?” All art was created while this stuff was playing. You can get several Rapoon albums yourself, free, at Free Albums Galore.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

When I read the phrase "couch and nap," my mind substituted "cat nap." I associate couches with cats. Lots of 'em. And naps. And for obvious reasons (24 of them, at last count. Or is it 23?).

Please get better!


CrimsonCrow said...

Thanks for the “get better” thoughts.

I wish it on myself, too!

Couch and Nap. Weren’t they a piano duo back in the late 50s?

Or was it a crime-stopping dog and cat team?