11 November 2005

Veteran’s Day

Veteran: From Latin vetus, meaning “old.”

If this species (Wild Turkey, Meleagris gallopavo) isn’t “vetus” I don't know what is.

A real gift for me. I have seen them in the area for several years and have wanted them to come down into my fields. Well, this week they did. Or, more correctly, this week I noticed. They may have been coming here longer.

Three of them. Like the three wise men. I keep finding piles of frankincense and myrrh. No gold yet. Lots of bronze, all over their gorgeous feathers.

These pictures were not easy to get. These birds are skittish in the extreme. I took these photos through a glass door and a screen using hand-held binoculars (Zeiss 7x42 B) up to the camera (Nikon CoolPix 800) lens for a telephoto lens. Jeesh!

Also of note: I have easily 50+- Juncos feeding on the ground. I don’t recall ever seeing so many here.

Woke up again around 3:00 AM. Went out to see if I could catch any meteors. I saw about 8 in an hour. Then I tried to just curl up and sleep outside. It was quiet and cold. My crappy sleeping bag kept me from sleeping. Crappy because I have to struggle with it all the time to get comfortable.

I thought it was a good idea when I bought it a few years ago. It’s a 2-in-1 job. I spend more time wrestling with it than anything else.

As I was writing this I stopped and took the sucker apart. I will only use the heavier bag from now on and test to see if it will be warm enough. If not, I’ ll sell it and get a new bag. I need a rectangular bag as wearing the hood of the mummy bag drives me batty. I need to hear well when I’m out. The hood on my quilted, lined sweatshirt works very well for warmth and doesn’t rustle every time I move. I can hear well with it on.

Turkeys don’t have to consider all this when they sleep out.

I'm listening to Dory Previn "The Veteran’s Big Parade" from: On My Way To Where


Anonymous said...

you didn't call me. I am crushed. have you seen any aurora lately? Or have all the RAIN clouds blocked your view?

I drove home from Machias to penobscot in that rain wednesday night. It's much longer in the rain. It was hard to drive past my old street and not stop and sleep at my house.

CrimsonCrow said...

I am calling you-oo-oo-oo...

thanks for commenting on my blog, anonymous.

I have not seen any aurora lately. I didin't know you wanted to be called for meteors. Or was it turkeys?

You do have yourself quite a little drive, now don't you?

I hope the trade-offs make it well worth it and that you are very happy!