11 November 2005


...I’m learning to love it.

I'm home this evening making cards. I hadn’t thought of using orange but it seems my desk was littered with it. I made cards from the litter. After I made several I realized it was the prompt word/color for this week’s Art Attack from Lisa Vollrath.


This card was made with ivory cardstock I got from somewhere, paint chips from my local hardware store, a stamp from Hero Arts for the background and a stamp from Magenta for the flower. Several inks from Ranger’s Distress Ink line were used: peeled paint; mustard seed; and tea dye. The flower stamp was trimmed and stuck on with a bit of foam tape I got to stick my external hard drive’s transformer to the wall. Seemed like a good idea to use it on the card. I don’t remember what color ink I used on the flower. I just grabbed one and was using it to test some new stamps I bought. Rust, I think, from Adirondack.

While writing this my neighbor PS called to say he was hearing coyotes howling up behind his house.

We had three around last year and hadn’t heard nor seen them all spring, summer or autumn, until now.

I'm listening to Leo Kottke "Orange Room" from: Burnt Lips


Gypsy said...

You were definately channeling Orange! I get the Art Attacks as well...just love them! Your orange is very inspiring!

CrimsonCrow said...

Thanks, gypsy. Being inspired, and inspiring someone else is very exciting.

Thanks for the comments.

Check back often. And maybe I'll see some of your work over at Art Attack?