26 December 2005

Day after Mas

As Lee points out the “Christ” seems to have been taken out of “Christmas.”

I don’t mind or care very much.

It is raining today. A lot. But seems it will turn to sleet soon. Then snow.

I am dozing, reading and watching movies on Turner Classic Movie channel. It is a perfect day for it and a perfect day to follow the ’oliday.

I have misplaced my camera so didn’t get any shots of the bon fire we danced around Friday night, or the candles glowing on the balsam tree top we cut (no trees were actually killed in the making of this holiday) on Mas day, or the friends I love so much, with whom I spent the day.

The images are in me ’eart.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

How do you read movies on Turner Classic Movies? ( <:

I'm an Oxford-comma junkie--sorry!

Glad your holiday weekend was memorable! And that no trees were killed. We did the tree-killing bit. Or, rather, someone had pre-killed it for us. What can I say?

It sure looks nice. And the cats have only knocked off a few decorations. Our one kitten (Cookie) is a Manx, and Manxes tend to stay close to the ground. Something to do with their lack of a tail....

Merry Day after Mas!


CrimsonCrow said...

I can’t believe I missed that comma!

I blew it away like an eyelash!