16 December 2005

Blog blahs

Wx report: Today: Snow likely before noon, then periods of snow, freezing rain and sleet between noon and 2pm, then periods of rain, snow and sleet between 2pm and 5pm, then periods of rain and sleet after 5pm. High around 36. East wind between 15 and 20 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.

My jeffe gave us the day off in anticipation of bad weather for the travel home. Very nice.

I feel sluggish and sort of sad today. No energy. Can’t seem to motivate. I called a friend, RS to help motivate me. I am checking in with her after every “task” I choose to accomplish. So far I have fed the turkeys and hauled in two loads of wood.

I think I might go up to my neighbor PS, (I am house sitting) and take a shower. Why? Because I have lousy water pressure and don't feel like taking a bath. Hopefully, I can get in and out in only a few minutes and be all clean for the weekend. Then I can fill my tub in preperation for the likley power outage. We often get them when we have weather.

I keep hearing footsteps and freeze silent to try to figure out who-what-where, etc. I realized they are coming from my crawl space. It is the resident red-squirrel. I have thick plastic sheeting on the ground under there and I can hear the squirrel trotting around under the house.

Well, that shower was a bust! His pressure is worse than mine and the regulator is about as useless as well. I was alternately running well-cold freezing and then scalding water down my back!

I spotted several turkeys in the woods up there. Must have been the 3 toms as the intrepid 11 are still down here.


Anonymous Assclown said...

Your sluggishness may be attributable to mild Seasonal Affective Disorder. Women are particularly vulnerable especially this time of year. Get some outside time and get plenty of natural light.

gb herron said...

just letting you know I was here.

CrimsonCrow said...

anonymous coward,

Thanks not for the tip, but for the reminder. I know this in general and about myself. Tomorrow promises to be sunny. I shall partake, generously.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Is it snowing/raining?

Sorry to hear about the lousy weather. Our lousy weather was much less lousy today--temps were above freezing, the snow had slowed down considerably, and the roads were... great.

I'll savor it while it lasts. Yes, get sunlight. Or at least listen to "Sunlight, Sunlight" as sung by Burl Ives and the Korean Children's Choir.


CrimsonCrow said...


Thanks for the tip to listen to Sunshine, Sunshine. If only I could get my hands on a copy!

I do have a few Burl tunes but not that one.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

I'll have to send you one. I've got a couple burned to disc....

We had summer-like weather today (Wednesday). High 30s.