12 December 2005

Four for dinner

Waiting for the water to boil for my dinner, I found more four. I also spontaneously decided on some guidelines for my finding four: I can’t take one away to make four. And the four can’t be a “staged” shot. I can move stuff out of the way to make the 4 more visible but I can’t set it up. As in the case of the answering machine, I couldn’t delete messages just to get to 4. I looked, and 4 was there.

So, on to 4.


range grate

answering machine


tractor tread

The tractor tread was not shot during my wait for the water. It was shot yesterday and I didn’t even notice the 4 until looking through my dinner shots. So, I am noticing that I am learning to notice four more.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Is it still raining?

It stopped snowing here (central Ohi-ah). For the moment. Cue ominous organ music.

"Ominous® organs--the perfect organs for your horror music needs."--Ad


CrimsonCrow said...


No more rain. A little snow. Lots of turkeys. And c-c-c-c-old! 3°

Oh, the images conjured thinking about ominous organs!

gb herron said...

I like your rules.

Do you remember Peter's Pleaides Project? Perhaps you might also incorporate that method. While you are consciously primed for finding Four, you may also find that you are unconsciously primed as well--why not swing your camera blindly at the world and find out what Four it sees?

Even less work....

CrimsonCrow said...

Dear gb herron,

Indeed I do remember Peter's Pleaides Project.

That and his hair and his Norton. That's about it, really. But the PP really impressed me. I have never forgotten it!