29 January 2006

Burn baby, burn

I treaded on a mill today. 20 minutes of up and down 3° inclines. I “travelled” 1.5 miles. The machine said I burned 110 calories. No red squirrels ran across my feet. I’m now going to put away some groceries, go visit a friend and then... I don’t know.

The day will unfold regardless of my plans. Days always do.

I bought this bouquet for one of my sisters. She was opening a club and a show and I wanted her to know I was thinking of her. Isn’t it gorgeous? She’s a yellow/orangie kind of gal.

I’m a red gal, through and through.

But my friend RS is teaching me to love all colors and see them differently than I used to see them. I am using colors I wouldn’t have chosen to use for art making and getting pleasing results.

I'm listening to Mason Williams "Classical Gas" from: Phonograph Record

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