31 January 2006

Barking in the wind

6:02 am: 24°. Sipping dandelion/leek miso broth and being confounded by a soft barking sound. I can’t seem to locate the direction or determine if it is an animal (fox perhaps) or an object squeaking in the substantial wind up this morning.

I did another painting last night. In the bath. By candle light only, with no glasses on. I could scarcely determine color in the paint box.

I’d love to show it to you but I live with the world’s most temperamental scanner. Grrrrrr.

And now a word from our weather: Today: Light snow likely. Cloudy, with a high around 31. East wind between 10 and 20 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible.

6:29 am: The barking is gone. I have to assume it was an animal as the wind has stayed the same...


gb herron said...

Crimson, I do love you and the little things you notice, the details which grab your attention.

I remain firmly convinced that your art--in whatever form you choose--is reliably ensconsed in your daily surround and ever-available to you through your uncanny noticing ability.

This morning I am transported by the sound of a (spirit?) fox barking in your salty wilderness.

Like calls to like.

CrimsonCrow said...

You, truly, you are one of the few reasons I even keep trying!

Bark, bark.