31 January 2006

Open the pod bay doors

I have a gas problem.

OK, all potty-brains settle down. My propane heater has been fussing all winter. The pilot flame dissolved away seemingly at will, the heater didn’t respond to the thermostat and my gas guy has been here on two separate occasions for at least 8 hours total (charging me only a hug, which is another story).

The second time he rigged it so it responded, fairly consistently, to the thermostat, and the pilot no longer winked out. He did this by overriding something or other and leaving it rigged so that the “off” position was now the “t-stat” position and “on”could force it on if it seemed sluggish in responding to the thermostat setting. It shut off if I turned it to “t-stat.”

So, two hugs and a bill for $346.75 later, it now responds to the thermostat instantly, on every setting including “off.” There is no way to shut the beast down! No manual override to shut the sucker off. I feel like I’m sharing a house with HAL!


Lee Hartsfeld said...

"Who are you calling, Crimson Crow? Don't. Don't, CC. We can talk about it. I know I've been behaving badly lately, but we can talk it over. Really, we can. Don't call the gas guy, CC. CC. Don't. Don't, CC."--Propane heater.

CrimsonCrow said...

How does one spell: hysterical laughter and say I miss you, too!

Political.Asylum said...

You are quite interesting. Feel free to visit us at The Sarcastic Idiocy Forum anytime.