25 January 2006

Pagers and prosimians

6:08 am: Waiting for my Darjeeling tea to brew. I’ve been up since 4:30. I had “working” dreams all night. What are “working” dreams? Dreams in which my pager goes off and I spend most of the dream trying to respond to the page and working in some way with the person who needs help and had me paged in the first place. In the case of this dream: a woman who was half in the bag and said right off “I punched her.” And suddenly, in dream style, we were facing each other in person.

Swell. And now I have to go to work for 8 more hours. I think I should get paid for and then get the rest of the day off after working all night!

My tea is done and here comes our tea lesson for the day:

Word on the block has it that this tea is the tea of teas. Darjeeling tea is considered the “champagne” of teas. So, I am sipping champagne at 6:00 in the morning. OK. I can tell you that it is a mild tea and I prefer Lapsang Souchong in the morning, but I am out of it. I don’t drink anything caffeinated after my early morning beverage, even if my morning beverage isn’t caffeinated, so I won’t be trying it in the afternoon when it is so highly recommended. From what I read, the reason it is so valued a tea is that the region is small, the terrrain is rugged and the production is low.

Worldwide, prosimian scat production is probably low compared to, say, bovine scat. Does that make lemur scat the champagne of scat? Perhaps.

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