12 February 2006

8 Women...

If anyone out there knows where to find video footage of the opening ceremony of the 2006 Olympics, I would be indebted...


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Those things are the best comedy breaks on TV!

Even across the distance, I can hear everyone digging out from the Great Snow Dump of 2006. Sometimes, it's nice to miss out.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Oh, where, oh where-ere

Has Crimson Crow gone?

Oh, where, oh, etc.

I'm trusting the cold hasn't claimed you. The cold winds in my neck o' the woods have frozen my sinuses. Don't know if that's good or bad. Yesterday, the thermometer stayed at 14. Consistency is not always a virtue.

I just read that Bush is renaming tomorrow "Dictator's Day." (Naw. Just made that up. I hope.)


CrimsonCrow said...

Oh, Lee, leave it to you to make me laugh, no matter what!