10 March 2007

snot what you think

I went to sleep early, warm and toasty.

I woke up sick.

I am snotty and stuffed and it feels like gobs of green and yellow goo are swirling and sinking into my lungs.

I would really like a wife or a mother to come and cook me a nice breakfast, bring me tea, fluff my pillow, haul wood in and make a nice fire, kiss my forehead.

Instead I will crap in a bucket, wipe my hands with baby wipes (of which I am running perilously low) fix a cup of tea, have toast w/peanut butter, drag my pathetic ass up off the couch and bring in a few sticks of wood.


Gwen said...

Agghhh! Beware of the green and yellow goo globs! Sorry you're sick. By any chance does it have something to do with the bucket action in the back yard?


CrimsonCrow said...


I don't think they are related. My boss was in the office sick and I haven't been eating well to boost immunity...But who knows.