15 March 2007

“It wasn’t an alligator. It was a dog.”

On the ride back from our fair state’s capital (after attending a press conference about domestic violence legislation in which our Senate President mentioned the stat that 1 in 4 women is assaulted by an intimate partner and that if 1 in 4 cars were stolen martial law would be imposed) we got talking.

Talking ’bout all manner of things: seizure inducing lights on school buses; the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar; John Wesley; Brutus vs. Bluto; what might happen if cases of Kotex™ and Tampax™ were air dropped and landed in our rivers and streams; and the topic that almost got us killed by yours truly unable to see for the tears in my eyes and the the paroxysms of painful laughter afflicting me: my dashboard ornament and how it reminded my friend of, well, it's hard to explain but it left us with an idea. Below is a work in progress:

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leslie joan linder said...

I swear my childhood memories of what I called the "tropicana logo" (though boots assures me I am thinking of coppertone) -- (the one that smells like coconuts!)-- was an PUPPY pulling a baby's pants down. Whatever. Mine is way better.