22 March 2008


I made myself a delicious smoothie: 2 bananas; 1 mango; 1 large handful of raw, baby spinach; 1 Tbl of raw, ground flax seed; 1 Tbl of lecithin; 1/2 tsp fresh cinnamon and a cup of raw, unsweetened almond milk.

I am sipping it now. Jeez, it's good!

I have a warm fire going inside and the wind is howling outside. The sun seems to have finally made it out. I plan to go on an un-clutter mission today. Smoothie first, un-clutter next.

Wildlife update: turkey tracks on the snow. I tossed out a bucket of scratch feed to see if I might get them to come back at a time when I am home and can enjoy the sight of them.

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