31 March 2008

Raw Raw Sis Koombah!

I did a 7 day raw food cleanse a couple of weeks ago. After finishing it I decided to sign on to a 30 day life transforming program called The Body Enlightenment System. I was skeptical. Internet rip-offs abound.

I seem to have stumbled on to a group of women working together to help each other feel better, get free of that which is holding us back, i.e. clutter of matter (messy, depressing house), clutter of mind (negative voices), clutter of body (unhealthy weight: too much/not enough), and grow.

So far I have had a wonderful, live (phone) consultation with Tera, one of the co-founders, I have received a bunch of material from ways to chart progress, to assisting in self exploration. It is not only well written but well designed, (save for a few annoying typos, but then I annoy at such details. Not that I am above typos, lord-ess knows.)

I have also met several warm, funny women who are all challenging themselves to feel better, think better, be better. I have just finished day 2. A long way to go. We'll see what I write when I have gotten farther into the process.

Wish me luck on my journey!

1 comment:

Keely said...

You don't need luck! You are doing great!!!